Light stabilizer jy-260

Appearance: Light yellow granular powder

Light transmittance: ≥ 90% (425nm)

Transmittance: ≥ 94% (500nm)

Ash content: ≤0. 1%

Volatile content: ≤ 1%


Chemical name: poly {[6 - [(4 methyl butyl,1,3,3) amino]] - 1,3,5 - triazine - 2, 4 - double [(,2,6,6, 2 - methyl - piperidine) of amino] - 1, 6 - adipic hold [,2,6,6 (2 - methyl - 4 - piperidine) of amino]} with poly (butyl diacid,2,6,6 (4 - hydroxy - 2 - methyl - 1 - piperidine ethanol) ester compounds.

Quality index:

Appearance:Light yellow granular powder

Light transmittance:≥90%(425nm)

Light transmittance:≥94%(500nm)

Ash specification:≤0.1%

Volatile Matter:≤1%

Product Performance:

Light stabilizer jy-260 is the latest generation of polymeric high breaking resistance amine light stabilizer composite products, with good processing thermal stability, good compatibility and water withdrawal resistance. The mechanism of action of different hindered amine light stabilizers is complementary and synergistic. This product is an excellent general purpose light stabilizer for both thick and thin products with superior price performance ratio.

Main USES; This product can be used as a general purpose excellent light stabilizer of high polymer, it can be used in dry polyethylene, polypropylene, polyurethane, polyformaldehyde, polyamide and polyester elastomer to resist light and heat aging, it can also be used in ABS and engineering plastics. Applied to LDPE or LLDPE agricultural film system, in the application of concentration reduction, this product has a better price performance ratio than the current best hindered amine light stabilizer.

Stockpile:This product should be kept away from light, dry and under 30℃.

Packaging:25kg cardboard drum lined with plastic bags.